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Sometimes the journey is what counts.

Kuzuki Isao
13 November
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YOUR LIVEJOURNAL: http://bassist_159.livejournal.com/
AIM SCREENNAME: bassist159
HAVE YOU ROLEPLAYED BEFORE?: I was on Apharsites and Street_Eden, here on LJ. I've also been a storyteller and player for the Official Moderated White Wolf Chats, as well as other, less-official, less proper noun riddled chats.
CHARACTER'S LIVEJOURNAL: http://sometimesidrive.livejournal.com/
AGE: 18
BIRTH DATE: 13 May 1990
HOMETOWN: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
GRADE: Third Year
SEX: Male
PLAYED BY: Takeshi Yamamoto (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)


WEAKNESSES: Isao is stubborn, to put it mildly. He's very goal-oriented and rather shortsighted, meaning that once he (almost immediately) decides on a course of action, it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to sway him otherwise. Likewise, he tends to be a bit impulsive in his decision-making (including character judgment), preferring to go directly from his gut-feeling and first impressions. He's also got a problem about being pretty easily distracted by pretty women, and nice vehicles.
STRENGTHS: Isao has a tendency not to take no for an answer, from anything or anyone. If at first he doesn't succeed, he'll keep trying, even if it seems pointless to keep at it. Despite his bull-headedness, he tends to come off very quick witted and personable in conversations. For his age, he is a skilled motorcyclist.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Oversized wrench, given as a joke gift by another bosozoku. Strike damage.
PERSONA: Dullahan
WEAK; Electricity
ARCANA: Chariot
PERSONALITY: Isao has tendency towards crassness, given his background. He's not blunt, but he's very straightforward and direct about what he has to say. He's one for jokes, and doesn't like to see people in poor spirits around him. He will attempt to humor people whenever he can, often taking flat-out insults in stride, but if someone repeatedly makes it clear that they aren't fond of him, he will turn into a bit of a jerk. Bad news and good news alike are usually responded to with the same sense of humor and willingness to accept the situation, but when things go bad, his jokes tend to get rather bitter, and usually self-depreciating or caustic. Isao is the sort of person who can think of all kinds of good things to say about friends, acquaintences, and his fellow students, but will downplay or shrug off any compliment given to him. He's not one to give up, but he's also not particularly optimistic about anything personal, despite being willing to cheer and boast about friends and their situations.
BACKGROUND: Isao was born in relative poverty. His mother worked in one of the museums the city is known for. His father worked in the city's motor plant. Isao's father was a distant figure for his son, working long hours, often tired. He encouraged him to look towards a better education than he had, and often took his son to see races when he had the time. Isao's father died unexpectedly of a heart attack when he was around the age of eight. His mother didn't quite make enough cash to support herself and her son in a lifestyle that either were accoustomed to. As such, Isao was passed between his grandparents, uncles, and aunts, supposedly while his mother concentrated on looking for a better job. News was common at first, but it became slower and slower as Isao grew up. He last heard from his mother three years ago, in a letter letting him know she had recently remarried. It was around this time he was shipped off to the school in Iwatodai; not the malicious act that Isao thinks it was, but mainly out of hope that a more expensive, high-profile school would give him some direction. Isao grew up somewhat troubled, but was never what anyone would call a problem student. Isao had always loved vehciles, even as a child, and this love only intensified after it became one of the few ways for him to honor his father's memory. He fell in with the bosozoku, watching them race and hanging out with them when he was around sixteen. For his eighteenth birthday, he recieved a gift of an older motorcycle from one of his uncles, and it has since become Isao's pride and joy. It's not as flashy or modified as some bikes, as he has to spend a majority of his cash. Isao awoke to his Persona when he had a blowout in early August, going about ninety-five kilometers an hour. He wrecked, and wound up breaking his arm and collar bone, but his bike wasn't totalled and he survived. Isao hasn't bumped into any of the other Persona users, typically trying to hide through the Dark Hour, and relying on his skill with his wrench and the fact that he's relatively minor pickings in the face of bigger groups out there.
WHY IS YOUR CHARACTER HERE?: Isao is here because he desperately needs a purpose to something he does. He's got some issues he needs to work though, and so far he's tried filling the time he should be doing that with being something of a class clown, falling in with and racing the other bosozoku, and now exploring around his dorm during the Dark Hour. He's never had anything in his life really make a lot of sense, or be particularly fair in his mind. Now that something's going on that he can't find any logical reason for, it's all come to a point - he wants answers for everything that's going on, or at least a particularly good line of logic to follow, and he's not stopping until he gets them.